Chronic Care Management

The move toward value-based care has changed the whole model of healthcare delivery. With 1 in 4 Americans having two or more chronic conditions, it’s more important today than ever to improve outcomes, reduce readmissions and lower overall costs. Our care management platform and team of highly qualified healthcare professionals help you deliver custom tailored care plans to your patients designed around your care plan preferences and intended patient goals. As an extension of your practice, we maximize your capacity and improve overall patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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PreciseCare knows healthcare, we can help you see the value of chronic care management:

Follow Up

Monthly follow up with patients regarding their chronic conditions.


Track key metrics and alert you when a patient is in need.


Integration to your EHR for a seamless solution.

Get Help

We alert you and others when patients have questions regarding their care plan

Utilization Management

Reduce hospital re-admissions.

Higher Reimbursements

We get you paid more money!

Using Technology To Care For Patients
And Improve Practice Workflow

Optimize not only your patient care but also your practice revenues with CCM services reimbursable by CMS and many other private payers. PreciseCare CCM is a platform and service for integrating a robust and innovative chronic care management solution into your facility.

Potential Revenue With Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management

Monthly Revenue/Patient

250 Patients

500 Patients

CPT 99490 – Chronic Care Management at least 20 minutes per calendar month




Monthly Average Revenue Per Provider



Annual Average Revenue Per Provider



  • The amounts shown above are for example only. The fees are based on CMS average payments, pay rates vary by state.

  • Based on CMS statistics showing each provider on average has 500 patients with two or more chronic conditions.

Let us show you how we can improve patient care and satisfaction while adding significant revenue to your bottom line!